1- General

Q: What is Cointicash ?
A: Cointicash is a ultimate bitcoin earning platform .

Q: Can i join Cointicash ?
A: Yes of course,Just you need a valid email address to creat your account .

Q: Can i creat multiple accounts ?
A: No, we allow one account .

Q: Can i change registered email address .
A: No this is not possible so make sure to sign up using a correct email address .

2- Earning

Q: How can i earn bitcoin ?
A: Earn bitcoin by :Viewing ptc ads,watching videos,claim faucet,shortlink,tasks,redeem code,invite new users .

Q: How much can i earn ?
A: You can earn unlimited bitcoin .

Q: Can i invite new users and earn referral commission ?
A: Yes of course, you can invite unlimited number of users and get 30% referral commission .

2- Advertising

Q: How can i advertise ?
A: Just create an ad , top up your ad balance, and start advertising .

Q: What are the advertising methods ?
A: Advertising methods are : surfads,windowads,videoads,sponsoredads .

Q: What is the minimum CPC (cost per click) ?
A: The minimum CPC is 2 satoshi .

Q: What is the sponsored ads feature ?
A: Sponsoredads is a advertising method, you pay 1000 satoshi and we'll show your ad in the user dashboard for 10 days .

3- Payments

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal amount ?
A: The minimum withdrawal amount is : 300 satoshi .

Q: What are withdrawal methods ?
A: Withdrawal methods are: faucetpay,payeer,direct bitcoinaddress .

Q: What is the minimum deposit amount ?
A: The minimum deposit amount is : 100 satoshi .

Q: What are deposit methods ?
A: Deposit methods are: faucetpay,payeer,direct bitcoinaddress .